Forms Processing

Distributing and collecting forms, then extracting and analyzing the data can be a time consuming task for any organization. Yet, for most service-based organizations, form completion is the first step in client intake, as well as the standard method of updating existing information. Whether the forms are in paper format, or online, the data needs to be processed. Paper Alternative can make forms processing a snap with Forms Magic!

We’ll create your forms, whether in print, or online, then email or mail to your customer list. We’ll receive the completed forms in a secure online database, or a secure PO Box; then we’ll convert the form data into practical, usable electronic reports. The reports can be customized and indexed to display the information you need to see, the way you need to see it, in easy-to-read electronic form. This makes the data you need accessible when you need it, where you need it, and also gives you the ability to print, fax and distribute in electronic form on demand.