About Us

Certified Women's Business EnterprisePaper Alternative was founded in 2011 by Molly J. McGowan. While our company is relatively young and small, our collective experience in Business Process Outsourcing gives us the know-how of a much older, larger company. Our associates have over 50 years in the document management and BPO industry and have worked with various BPO leaders prior to striking out on their own. Paper Alternative’s goal is to provide each and every customer with personalized top-notch service. Our consultative approach to your document management and business process needs takes into account the uniqueness of your business model and your company. Our goal is not to change the way you do business, but to give you the tools to do your business better.

Our Employees

Our Technology

We can’t bring you the latest technology if we don’t have it ourselves. Therefore, we strive to maintain the most current technology and equipment in-house, so that you are assured of the highest possible results with data conversion and capture. Further, we pride ourselves on staying at the very forefront of BPO knowledge and best practices so that we can bring our clients the very best service possible. As a small company, we have the advantage of being able to react quickly and decisively, without getting bogged down in hopeless corporate bureaucracy, so you can be assured that if it’s new and recommended, we’re on top of it.