Business Process Management

Improve Business Outcomes

The goal of business process management is to improve business outcomes through a systematic approach to internal processes. As such, BPM has many different facets and may mean different things to different people.

Regardless of your definition, BPM generally requires the use of technology and automation to improve processes. It may include improved communication and collaboration methods, as well as increased visibility of how your processes actually work and who’s responsible for what.

What’s Your View of BPM?

It’s important to realize that your view of BPM may be colored by your role in the company, the functions you perform, and the prospective from which you see how your organization works. The CEO’s perspective is very different from that of a file clerk or HR administrator, so it’s easy to see why BPM driven from a CEO’s perspective will focus on different requirements from that of the file clerk or the HR administrator.

While none of these focuses is wrong, none, by itself is truly “right” for the entire organization. Yet, all are essential for the success of the business. This is why it’s vitally important to ensure that the technology you chose and the services for which you contract support the organization view, i.e. – WHAT is going to benefit the business, improve efficiencies, increase profits and give you the ROI you want?